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    Martin Key To Metal Bumping Book

    Item #31063 Brand: Martin Tools

    The "Bible" of metal-bumping and
    bodywork; a classic for 50+ years!


    The "Bible" of metal-bumping and bodywork: "Key to Metal-Bumping" Book Written by Frank T. Sargent over 50 years ago, this is still one of the best basic reference books on metal-bumping and metalwork...read the reviews below and see what your fellow enthusiasts think!
    • Secrets and tricks used by professionals for over 50 years
    • Over 120 pages
    • 18 sections

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    About Martin Key To Metal Bumping Book

    Just 2 helpful skills out of the dozens described: how to inspect damage to determine stress areas, and how to unlock the crease with appropriate hammer and dolly technique. Over 120 pages show many repairs on vintage vehicles.

    Table of Contents

    1. What is a Damaged Panel?
    2. Methods of Repair
    3. Analysis
    4. Making the Analysis 5. Origin of Body and Fender Repair Tools
    7. Metal-Bumping Procedure
    8. Metal-Finishing Tools and How to Use Them
    9. Metal-Finishing Procedure
    10. Alignment
    11. Frame-Straightening and Panel Repair
    12. Shrinking
    13. Torch Soldering
    14. Welding
    15. A Chapter for Beginners
    16.Hints, Short Cuts, Time Saving Tricks
    17. Body and Fender Repair Tools

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