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Kroil 1 gallon

Item #43380 Brand: Kano

Quickly loosens rusted nuts, bolts; dissolves rust, lubricates, cleans


Kroil Penetrating Oil loosens "frozen" metal parts Stubborn rusted hardware is no match for Kroil Penetrating Oil! It's the best way to "unfreeze" stubborn rusted hardware and fasteners.
  • Quickly loosens rusted nuts and bolts
  • Frees frozen shafts, pulleys, etc.
  • Dissolves rust, lubricates, cleans and prevents future rust
  • Penetrates spaces as minuscule as 1-millionth of an inch

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About Kroil 1 gallon

Displaces moisture too. For easy, accurate application, pour Kroil into your pump-spray bottle.


1-gallon can of Kroil Penetrating Oil


43381Z Sili-Kroil Aerosol, 16.5-oz.

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