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Large View Auto Darken Welding Helmet

Item #13212 Brand: Eastwood

Shade adjustment from #9-#13, with a big 3.6" x 2.6" viewing area

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This Large View Auto darkening welding helmet with infinitely adjustable sensitivity and shade adjustment from #9 - #13. 0.0025 per second darkening feature with robust Li-Mi battery that charges with arc and solar power.

  • Great for ARC MIG and TIG Welding
  • High Strength Mask Material
  • High Clear View Filter
  • Full Conformity with ANSI and CE
  • Lens Sensitivity Controls
  • Variable Delay From Dark to Light State

Battery life is approximately 5000 welding hours. Viewing area is 3.6" x 2.6" and features replaceable lens protectors. Helmet has adjustable head band and features a very durable nylon constructed shell.

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About Large View Auto Darken Welding Helmet

Technical Specifications:
  • Power Supply: Li-Mi & Solar Combination
  • Viewing Area: 3.6"" x 2.6""
  • UV/IR Protection: Up to Shade DIN 15 at all time
  • Operating Temperature: 23°-131°:(-5°:C-55°C)
  • Light State: Shade DIN 4(3)
  • Variable Dark Shade: Shade DIN 9-13(5-9)
  • Light to Dark Switching Time: 1/25000s
  • Dark to Light Delay Time: Adjustable 0.3s-0.6s

  • Contents

    Includes: 1 Large View Auto Darken Welding Helmet w/Extra spatter shields.


    12589 Welding Gloves Large & Medium
    MIG Welders Pliers
    #13212 #14425 Helmet lens cover inside
    #13203 #13212 #14425 helmet lens cover outside


    Mig Welding Tig Welding Plasma Cutting Grinding


    Always wear helmet, gloves and proper clothing when welding to protect from UV and ht metal burns.

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