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    Eastwood 60-LED Rechargeable Worklight

    Item #70249 Brand: Eastwood

    Rechargeable hanging worklight is also a flashlight


    Bright 60-LED Rechargeable Worklight is also a flashlight Charge it up and take this 2-in-1 light with you! Eastwood's 60-LED light can be used both as a work light and as a flashlight. Use the magnetic backing or rotating hanging hook so you can work hands-free, or point the light directly where you need it most...even where there's no outlet nearby.
    • Rechargeable
    • 60 cool, bright LEDs
    • 150 Lumens
    • Magnetic back and hanging hook keep both hands free to work
    • Includes adapters for charging at home or in the car
    • Slip-resistant rubber grip

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    About Eastwood 60-LED Rechargeable Worklight

    60 long-lasting, cool-burning, LED bulbs in our rechargeable work light/flashlight give you the bright illumination you need, wherever you need it, since it's cordless. Magnetic backing and hanging hook leave both hands free to work. 3.6V, 1200mA NiMH battery, with adapters for charging in your home or vehicle.


    60-LED Work Light/Flashlight
    Car Charging Adapter
    Home Charging Adapter


    Always wear appropriate eye protection. Always use tools and accessories for their intended purpose. Do not shine directly into eyes.


    Limited 90-day warranty against manufacturer's defects. Final product imported.

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