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Magna Stitcher Stapler for Stud Welders

Item #13529 Brand: Motor Guard Corp

Use with your stud welder to repair plastic parts, panels, bumpers


Magna-Stitcher works with your stud welder to repair damaged plastic parts Why replace expensive parts if you don't have to? The Magna-Stitcher is a precision-engineered tool that helps you make solid, permanent repairs of breaks, cracks and tears in rigid or flexible plastic parts.
  • Just a few Magna-Stitcher stakes can save hundreds in replacement-part costs
  • For automotive, power sports, hobby and industrial applications
  • Fits all Motor Guard and H&S Stud Welders

About Magna Stitcher Stapler for Stud Welders

A quick "blip" of your stud welder trigger and the stake is permanently fused into the damaged, broken or cracked plastic, creating a reinforced bridge between the two sections, restoring the plastic part to its original strength. 4 types of stainless steel stakes are included (for inside corners, outside corners, tight stitches or loose stitches).

Perfect for automotive interior panels, broken tabs, urethane bumpers, ATVs and motorcycles. Fits all Motor Guard and H&S Stud Welders.


Magna-Stitcher Adapter
25 "S"-shaped Stakes for flat surface repair
25 "M"-shaped Stakes for tabs and narrow sections
25 "V"-shaped Stakes for inside corner repair
25 "W"-shaped Stakes for outside corner repair
Storage Case


13650A Additional Eastwood Flat Staples (100)
13650B Additional Eastwood Wave Staples (100)
13650C Additional Eastwood Corner Staples (100)
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51654Z Eastwood Universal Urethane Adhesive
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40014Z Dash Repair Kit
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Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when using this product. Consult instructions for electrical safety warnings.

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