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Master Steering Wheel Repair Kit W /Instructions

Item #52196Z

Money-saving kit restores steering wheel to like-new condition


Money-saving Master Steering Wheel Repair Kit restores your steering wheel to like-new condition, ready to top-coat Over time, UV light from the sun depletes the elastomers in your plastic or hard-rubber steering wheels, resulting in ugly cracks that really date your car. Our Master Steering Wheel Repair Kits help you bring those steering wheels back to life. Choose the standard or Low-VOC (California) kit.
  • PC-7 Epoxy
  • Adhesion Promoter
  • PRE Painting Prep
  • Adhesion Promoter
  • Instructions and Restoration Book

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About Master Steering Wheel Repair Kit W /Instructions

This kit makes it easy to repair cracked plastic or hard-rubber steering wheels, and gets them ready to top-coat. California residents, be sure to order #52196ZCA for the Low-VOC kit.


52047 1-lb. Can of PC-7 Epoxy
10041Z or 11949z PRE Painting Prep (standard or Low-VOC)
52366Z Adhesion Promoter
52017 Steering Wheel Restoration Book

Accessories / Application

52195 Additional 1/2-lb. Can of PC-7 Epoxy
52047 Additional 1-lb. Can of PC-7 Epoxy

Review manual for steering wheel removal. Wash wheel with dish washing detergent and rinse. Once dry, wipe down with PRE Painting Prep. Use a triangular file to "V"-out the crack down to the metal frame. Mix equal parts of PC-7 Epoxy "A" and "B" sufficient to fill defects. Press PC-7 into cracks and smooth with a wet finger. Allow repair to fully harden overnight. Sand repair areas by hand with 220-grit abrasive paper, and then 320-grit paper. Wipe wheel with PRE Painting Prep, and handle with clean, disposable gloves. Apply Self-Etching Primer per label directions to fill minor imperfections, then topcoat.

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