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Matt Murray - Social Media Manager  

Matt Murray, Eastwood's Social Media Manager is a self-professed restoration hobbyist, addict and professional. Matt's passion is vintage European cars and he has run his own business importing vintage European car parts to and from various European countries.

While Matt claims his only awards and recognition are 'perfect attendance in third through fifth grade,' he has indeed become a restoration expert by his passionate full and partial restorations of a '77 VW Scirocco, '76 VW Rabbit, 81 VW pickup, '81 VW Cabriolet, '93 VW Cabriolet, '80 VW Scirocco, BMW 633 csi, '84 Mercedes 190e, '82 Mercedes 330cd, '84 VW Jetta and 'lots of other old European junk."

As Eastwood's social media expert, Matt has become the 'voice' of Eastwood's informative, insightful and humorous blog. He believes that social media is fast becoming the central 'hub' of the

automotive world. He asserts that anyone can show off a recent purchase, newly finished project, or express opinions on product and company experiences. Matt helps create Eastwood's social media intersection, allowing a large number of people to connect, easily share their common love for keeping the automotive restoration trials, errors and successes alive today.

Matt has been 'a car guy' since he was very young. He acknowledges the development from someone who tinkered with cars and made little changes to a daily ride, to someone whose livelihood and enthusiasm takes over every aspect of his life. This became clear to him the day he was boiling a pot of bolts in degreaser on his girlfriend's stove. He had read that boiling softens and removes the old clear coat. In spite of an ensuing argument, he accepted that his auto restoration / auto modification enthusiasm went pretty "deep.''

He's one of the guys at Eastwood who likes to talk endlessly about 'restoring stuff and making it look new." He readily admits to getting a little more addicted/involved than others and that it has consumed his life and his kitchen too.

Catch up on Matt's latest insights, discoveries and enthusiasm at Eastwood's Blog Matt's more than happy to chat with you about your project and his.

Matt's other interests include his two Great Danes along with seeking and locating rare vintage European parts and motor sport related items.

Matt's moved most of his experiments from his kitchen to Eastwood's garage. His girlfriend is grateful.