Introducing a NEW Eastwood Exclusive!
    MaxxPower High Performance HEI Distributors, Starters, Alternators

    The NEW MaxxPower Performance Line features 100% new OE equivalent components. These are must-have items for any rebuilt/crate motor or simply to upgrade your original units for superior starting, charging and spark management. MaxxPower Power Pack
      MaxxPower HEI Distributor              
          MaxxPower Delco High Amp Alternator        
              MaxxPower High Torque Starter  

    MaxxPower Chevy Ignition

    Breath new life into your small or big-block engine with better fuel economy and more horsepower

    Replace your worn OE distributor with a MaxxPower
    100% new unit. Quicker starts, better
    throttle response, and more power! Accurate
    timing up to 6500 rpm. Ready to run out of the
    box! Includes cap, rotor, and coil.

    • 100% new unit
    • High voltage ignition coils - up to 50,000 volts
    • Precision machined aluminum bodies and steel shaft
    • High volt di-electric caps and rotors
    • Better performance, accurate timing control for more power
    • OE equivalent units and electronics - assure long life and reliability
    • 2 Year Limited Warranty!
    11769 Chevy 1955-80 HEI OE
    Equivalent 283-454 CID
    Only $89.99
    11770 Chevy 1955-80 HEI HP
    High Output 50,000 Volt Coil 283-454 CID
    Only $89.99

    HEI Distributor Installation Guide - Click Here Now
    MaxxPower HEI Distributor

    MaxxPower GM
    High Amp Alternator

    Long life, high output 105 Amp, quiet, vibration free operation!

    Fits 1965-1986 General Motors vehicles. These
    are 100% brand new alternators, not rebuilt units.

    • Developed with the latest Delco-Remy technology
    • Bolts in place of existing GM alternator
    • Higher output over original equipment - 105 Amp
    • More output power at idle where needed
    • 2 Year Limited Warranty!
    11209 GM High Amp Alternator


    MaxxPower GM High Amp Alternator

    MaxxPower Chevy & Ford
    High Torque Starters

    Replace your heavy and worn original
    starter with a NEW Maxx Power Starter.


    Fits 1955-1986 Chevy and 1965-1995 Ford vehicles

    • 100% new components
    • 1.7 kw high torque unit
    • Delco Remy patented technology
    • Direct bolt in design
    • Permanent magnet technology
    • High temperature solenoid
    • 2 Year Limited Warranty!
    MaxxPower High Torque Starter
    11728 1955-1986 Chevy 153 Tooth Flywheel "Straight" Bolt Pattern- Only $99.99
    11729 1955-1986 Chevy 168 Tooth Flywheel "Staggered" Bolt Pattern - Only
    11730 1965-1995 Ford 302, 351 CID w/Automatic Trans - Only
    11731 1965-1995 Ford 302, 351 CID w/Manual Trans - Only

    MaxxPower Power Pack

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    MaxxPower Distributors
    MaxxPower Starters
    MaxxPower Alternator

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    NEW High-Performance MaxxPower Chrome Alternator and Starter

    12063 Chrome Alternator

    Only $99.99

    12063 Chrome 1-Wire GM Alternator

    • 100% New components
    • Chrome finish
    • 100 amp
    • 1-Wire hookup
    • Drop in replacement

    100 amp max power 1-wire Chrome alternator. Manufactured with 100% new components, high temp windings and exclusive OE equivalent rectifier and regulator to assure you get the most voltage and amperage to your accessories. Direct bolt-in replacement to any GM alternator from 1965-1986.

    12066 Hi Torque Chevy Mini Starter

    • 1.55KW (2.0HP)Hi torque starter
    • Chrome finish
    • 100% new manufactured
    • High quality OE equivalent
    • Almost twice the power of OE units

    1.55KW (2.0HP) chrome hi torque starter for chevy small and big block applications. 100% new manufactured high quality OE equivalent unit that fits small or big block applications with "straight" bolt pattern starters and 153 or 168 tooth flywheels. Fires engines up to 13:1 compression and weighs just 9 lbs.

    12066 Chrome Starter

    Only $119.99