MaxxPower HEI Ignition Distributor Installation Guide

MaxxPower HEI Ignition Distributor Installation Guide

 Caution: Read before Proceeding. 

  • Assure that the vehicle is parked in a level, well-lit area. If the vehicle needs to be raised make sure it is supported with high quality jack stands.
  • Do not allow children, pets or others to distract you when working on the vehicle
  • These instructions provide a “general procedure” to the removal and installation of the Ignition Distributor. Refer to your vehicle specific repair manual for detailed instructions.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the removal and installation of the Distributor we strongly recommend you seek a qualified service center.
  • It is vital the new unit is identical to the unit removed from the vehicle. Verify identical gear configuration, mount locations and distance from mount location to drive gear. These must be identical to the unit removed, if not, do not install replacement unit. Return it for the correct replacement
  • Also verify the correct oil pump drive configuration (if so equipped) of the original is identical to the replacement distributor

Improper distributor installation or dimensions will cause severe engine damage and void warranty

  Removing distributor: 

1. Block vehicle wheels and assure that the vehicle will not be moved and that the engine will not be rotated with the distributor removed. If the engine is rotated with the distributor removed you will have to go through the process of setting the #1 cylinder in the top dead center (TDC) position on the compression stroke identified in “Determine Top Dead Center (TDC) on #1 Cylinder”

2.  Disconnect the negative battery terminal.

3. Remove any engine components deemed necessary to access the distributor hold down hardware, wiring harness and overall clearance that will allow you to remove and replace the distributor without damage to any component.

 NOTE: Consulting the vehicle service manual during the removal and installation process will assure correct installation and proper removal of any components.

4. Disconnect any electrical connections and vacuum lines and label for new distributor installation

5. If you are not replacing spark plug wires, label wires and the corresponding terminal on the cap and remove wires.

 NOTE: It is very important that you take your time and correctly mark the appropriate wire to the correct terminal on the cap. If the wires are “crossed” or installed on the wrong terminal the spark plugs will fire at the wrong time and cause possible engine damage. 

6. Once wires are labeled and removed, remove cap and note exact position of rotor. Mark this position on distributor body using a straight edge and metal scribe.

Next mark exact position of distributor body to engine with a reference mark on the distributor body and mounting surface. This will get the new distributor very close to the original one with respect to timing. Final timing should be adjusted and completed in accordance with factory service manual.

NOTE: Do not crank the engine or move the vehicle with the distributor removed. If the engine is rotated with the distributor removed

 refer to the step “Determine Top Dead Center on #1 Cylinder” 

7. Remove distributor hold down clamps or bolts and remove unit. If distributor is hard to remove try spraying lower portion with penetrating oil.

Carefully remove distributor and clean the mount surface of any gasket material or corrosion.

8. Compare the removed distributor with the new unit. Make sure the drive gears are identical, the mount location are the same and also the distance from the mount locations to the end of the drive gear

 NOTE: If units are not identical DO NO INSTALL in vehicle.  

9. Install new base gasket.

10. Carefully duplicate the rotor reference mark from the old distributor (Step #6), to the new distributor body in the same position as the removed unit.

10 Position the new rotor to the marked reference spot and install distributor in engine.

 NOTE: Do not force unit, you may have to rotate unit slightly to get the gear to seat. Do not use the mounting hardware to “pull” the unit into position 

12. Once unit is in engine move distributor body to line up with the reference mark you made on the mount surface. Install mounting hardware to gently hold distributor in position but loose enough to allow rotation for final adjustment.

13. Install cap, wire, plug harness, vacuum hose if equipped and any other removed items in the reverse of removal. Refer to your vehicles factory service manual if required.

14. Connect vehicle battery ground and adjust final timing using the factory approved method stated in your service manual.

15. Tighten the mounting hardware to the appropriate manufactures torque specifications.

Determining Top Dead Center (TDC) on #1 Cylinder:

1. Determine location of cylinder #1 as per your factory service manual

2. Remove the spark plug from the #1 cylinder

3. If distributor is installed disconnect wiring to the coil to prevent plug firing.

NOTE: Do not wear loose clothing and tie up any long hair that may get caught in belts, fans, etc… during the next step.

4. Hold your thumb or fore finger tightly over the spark plug orifice in the cylinder head of the #1 cylinder.

5. Have a helper crank the engine in short burst and feel for “pressure” at your thumb or finger. Continue cranking until you feel this pressure. This will assure that you are on the compression stroke of the #1 cylinder.

6. Watch the timing mark on the crank dampener or pulley and turn the engine by hand if necessary to accurately align the timing mark on the pulley or dampener with the TDC or 0 º marks on the timing tab located on the block near the pulley or dampener.