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Eastwood Medium Locking Pliers Set

Item #13571 Brand: Eastwood

6" long-nose, 7" straight-jaw, and 7" curved-jaw pliers


3-Pc. Medium Locking Pliers Set handles every type of clamping, tightening and twisting job.

Just like you'd expect from every Eastwood tool, each of these 3 Locking Pliers is built to expert standards, but at an easily affordable price.

  • 6" Long-Nose; 1-3/4" jaw capacity
  • 7" Straight-Jaw; 1-1/8" jaw capacity
  • 7" Curved-Jaw; 1-5/8" jaw capacity
  • Each includes a built-in wire cutter
  • Chrome-molybdenum steel body and jaws

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About Eastwood Medium Locking Pliers Set

Choose the right locking pliers for the job! 6" Long-Nose Locking Pliers gives you easy access in narrow, hard-to-reach places. 7" Straight-Jaw Locking Pliers keeps in maximum contact with flat, square or hex fasteners. 7" Curved-Jaw Locking Pliers wraps slightly "around" fasteners or small-diameter pipes, and conforms better to rounded fasteners.

Chrome-molybdenum steel body and jaws give each locking pliers strength and durability, and it's nickel-plated to resist corrosion. Screw adjusts jaw pressure to fit your work; remains adjusted for recurring tasks.

Save over individual prices when you buy this 3-pc. set!


13504 - 6" Long Nose Locking Pliers
13508 - 7" Curved Locking Pliers
13510 - 7" Straight Jaw Locking Pliers


Wear appropriate eye protection

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