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Metal Polish 100gm Tube Autosol

Item #13170 Brand: Autosol

Autosol® for a brilliant gloss,
long-lasting weather protection


Use Autosol® Polish for a brilliant gloss and long-lasting weather protection Whether putting the final touch on polished aluminum valve covers, alloy wheels or stainless steel trim, you'll appreciate how easily this paste polish removes tarnish, light oxidation and scratches with minimal pressure.
  • For all metals—aluminum to zinc
  • Small amount on a soft cloth goes a long way
  • Protective film helps prevent future tarnish
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About Metal Polish 100gm Tube Autosol

Autosol® Polish removes rust and oxidation without excessive abrasion. Perfect for chrome and nickel-plated parts, and for polishing fiberglass and plastics (like taillight and headlight lenses). Also use on fiberglass gel coats and some paints. Not recommended for use on gold or silver-plated items. Made in Germany.


3.52-oz. tube (100 grams)

MSDS Sheet

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