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    Metal Prep/Rust Repair DVD

    Item #34187 Brand: Paintucation

    55-minute DVD by Kevin Tetz teaches metal prep and rust repair


    ""METAL PREP & RUST REPAIR"" covers much more than the title suggests. Areas covered are chemical and mechanical paint stripping, light body work and dent repair, metal finishing, rust patching, surface rust removal & preparation, proper priming techniques as well as rust prevention products and procedures. Many time and money saving tricks are shown along with safety precautions and recommendations. DVD format 55 minutes by Kevin Tetz.

    About Metal Prep/Rust Repair DVD

    The Metal Prep and Rust Repair video shows how to get panels to bare metal and properly finished. Shows proper pick and file techniques that will minimize the use of fillers. DVD format 55 minutes by Kevin Tetz. The more advanced Series of Paintucation DVD's (34186) includes Body Shop Basics, Metal Prep/Rust Repair, Paint Your Car, and Color Sanding/Buffing at a savings.