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MIG Torch Holder

Item #14105 Brand: Steck Manufacturing Company Inc

Keep your welding/cutting torch close to your work area
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Keep your welding or cutting torch close to your work area—you'll work faster The Steck MIG Torch Holder holds your welding or cutting torch on the vehicle as you work, so it's within arm's length right when you need it.
  • Holds most MIG, TIG and plasma cutter torches
  • Works for righties or lefties
  • Stays in place with 2 magnets

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About MIG Torch Holder

Simple prong design for quick and easy removal. Spring-mounted floating magnet mounts adjust to the contour of any steel vehicle body. Designed for right or left-hand usage.


1 Steck Torch Holder


(Q) What kind of torches does the Steck Torch Holder hold?
(A) The Steck holder holds most MIG, TIG, and plasma cutter torches.

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