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    MIG Welders Pliers

    Item #19015 Brand: Eastwood

    Designed to help you through specialized MIG welding tasks


    MIG Welder's Pliers make your welding tasks a whole lot easier Unlike typical pliers, these pliers are designed to help you through those specialized MIG welding tasks.
    • Squared-off, spring-loaded tips remove spatter
    • Knurled surfaces hold tips and nozzles for installation
    • Built-in wire cutter
    • Comfortable rubberized handle

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    About MIG Welders Pliers

    The long tips are squared-off and spring-loaded to stay open for removing spatter easily. The inside surfaces are knurled in two places to help easily install tips and nozzles. Also includes a wire cutter. Handles are rubberized for a more comfortable grip and improved safety.

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