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    Mityvac Brake Bleeding Kit

    Item #49040

    Bleed brakes right at the wheel
    all by yourself; no helpers needed


    Bleed brakes right at the wheel by yourself, using just one hand The Mityvac® Kit lets one person easily bleed brakes at the wheel, without needing someone else to press the brake pedal, and without wasting brake fluid.
    • Do it yourself — literally!
    • Everything's included

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    About Mityvac Brake Bleeding Kit

    This versatile little pump moves about 1 cu. in. of fluid with each stroke. It develops and holds approximately 25 inches of vacuum, pulling out old fluid, air and dirt from the brake system.


    Kit includes pump, brake-bleeding adapter package, 3 lengths of 1/4"-I.D. tubing (1/2", 3", 18"), one 3" length of 5/32"-I.D. tubing, reservoir jar with transfer and storage lids, and instruction manual.

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