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    Pinch Weld Clamps

    Item #13525 Brand: Eastwood

    Hold pieces tightly together for pinch welds, flange welds, and more


    Pinch Weld Clamps hold in tight spaces where larger clamps won’t fit Trying to weld in tight spots but your clamps won't fit? Get this miniature 4-pc. Pinch Weld Clamp Set instead. Holds outer panels to inner heel lips, rockers, trunk well opening, custom dash or door panel fabrication, outer door skins, and more.
    • 250 lbs. of clamping force
    • 1/2" capacity
    • For pinch welds, flange welds and other uses in home and shop
    • Holds sheet metal to the edge of a welding table

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    About Pinch Weld Clamps

    Handy welding clamps can be used to tightly hold workpieces together for welding, even in constricted work areas. Imported.


    1 set of 4 Pinch Weld Clamps


    19016 - Intergrip Panel Clamps


    Welding, Clamping


    Always use caution when removing after welding since the clamps may still be hot.


    1-year warranty.

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