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Paintucation Paint Your Own Car DVD

Item #34188 Brand: Paintucation

Kevin Tetz teaches how to paint your car in this 110-minute DVD


Get an education in automotive painting with this "Paint Your Own Car" DVD by Kevin Tetz "Trucks!" host Kevin Tetz guides you through dozens of time and money-saving tips teaching you time-tested methods of painting your own car.
  • Surface prep and paint application
  • How to avoid buffing defects
  • Plus more step-by-step instructions
  • Learn how to apply waterborne and solvent based paints
  • Running time 110 minutes

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About Paintucation Paint Your Own Car DVD

"Paint Your Own Car! II" is a fully updated version of the "Paint-U-Cation" Series original, using environmentally friendly waterborne basecoats and the latest improvements in tools and equipment. This DVD takes you step-by-step through a complete color-change paint job, focusing on important techniques as well as tool and supply recommendations.