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Painters Nib Files

Item #34003 Painters Nib Files

Dress-down hardened high spots; finish with wet/dry sandpaper


3-Pc. Painter's Nib Set fixes paint drips and sags quickly.

  • Fine Painter's Nib File
  • Coarse Painter's Nib File
  • Curved Painter's Nib File

Nibs save you time and work by dressing down hardened high spots in your paint job.

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About Painters Nib Files

Dress down hardened paint high spots, then finish the repair with wet/dry sandpaper. Nib files are mounted on wooden blocks to act as handles. You get 3 painter's nib files, at a savings over individual pricing.


34000 Fine Painter's Nib File
34001 Coarse Painter's Nib File
34002 Curved Painter's Nib File


Honed tips "shave" without digging in. For best results, allow a day to pass after the initial cut for the solvents to evaporate. Then cut the drip or run down to just slightly above the surrounding surface. Gently sand the repair using 1500-grit sandpaper and polish.