Airbrush Accessories

Airbrush Accessories

There is nothing that will set a project above the crowd like killer custom paint. And there are no limits to what kind of effects you can create with an airbrush and enough practice. If you are doing custom airbrush painting Eastwood has everything you need; from guns and paints, to rebuild kits, cleaning supplies, spare parts, gloves, respirators, regulators and more. We'll help you get started, do the job right, clean up afterwards and keep your spray gun in tip top condition.

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Same needle/nozzle set as originally came with Airbrush Kit 12795
Only $20.49
Same needle/nozzle set as originally came with Airbrush Kit 11610
Only $20.49
Eliminate the need to clean up cups and bottles at every color change
Only $34.99
Smooth regulator knob adjusts air pressure in very small increments
Only $36.99
Temperature-adjusted thinner for our 1-Shot paints
Only $21.49
Allows our Airbrush Hose (12169) to connect to a 1/8" fitting
Only $3.49
1 Oz Plastic Bottle & Lid Siphon Feed DAGR 803637

Only $6.30

Sale $5.99

3 Oz Bottle & Lid For Siphon Feed DAGR 803638

Only $7.45

Sale $6.99

DAGR Siphon Feed Repair Kit 803646

Only $12.85

Sale $11.99

DeVillbiss DAGR Trigger For Siphon Feed 803645

Only $9.05

Sale $7.99

DeVillbiss DAGR Siphon Feed Parts Pak 803653

Only $76.00

Sale $69.99

DeVilbiss DAGR .25 Oz Metal Cup For Siphon 803636

Only $6.99

Sale $5.99

DeVilbiss DAGR Needle Guide Rocker & Spring 803651

Only $16.25

Sale $14.99

DeVilbiss DAGR Air Valve For Siphon Feed 803644

Only $18.15

Sale $16.99

DeVilbiss DAGR Needle For .50 MM Nozzle 803652

Only $9.75

Sale $8.99

DeVilbiss DAGR Nozzle .50 MM 803650

Only $16.25

Sale $14.99

NIOSH N95 and OSHA-approved; may be used in a pro body shop

Starting at: $13.49

More chemical-resistant than vinyl; no latex allergy problem

Starting at: $17.99

For all Badger Omni models

Only $24.99

Sale $16.88

Use with Badger Model 150, 155, 175, 200 & 360 airbrushes

Only $7.49

Sale $4.88

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