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Airbrush Stencils & Masking

Airbrush Stencils & Masking

Sure, the beauty of airbrush painting is the freedom to paint whatever design you want and have it come out great. But if you do need some structure to speed the job up or simplify it, we can help.

One of the most popular airbrush paint projects is the custom flame job. If you want to do it the easier way and still have it look right, Eastwood has stencils to get you started and guide you, plus professional quality masking tapes so it turns out correct. Laying out your first flame job? Order the complete Auto Air Fire kit with a how-to DVD, paints and stencils, then get shooting. Plus we've also got stencils for stars, circles, ovals, splats and more.

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Norton vinyl tape: most flexible masking tape we've found
Only $9.99
Flame legend Mickey Harris' masking paper makes customizing easier

Only $29.99

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