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Automotive Painting Books & DVDs

Planning on painting a car? You already know it’s not at all like painting a bedroom, so take advantage of Eastwood’s authoritative library of car painting tips, painting books and informative painting DVDs! You’ll learn about pinstriping, DIY car painting techniques, airbrushing, lettering, and much more. Find out all about the masterful Kafka Pinstriping System. Learn how to paint — decorate, really — bike or welding helmets from Simon Murray. Watch and learn about Beugler pinstriping from Beugler’s instructional DVD. And for the ultimate do-it-yourself paint job, get yourself educated with Kevin Tetz’s “Paint-U-Cation” 5-DVD Set.

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Steve Kafka explains the entire process, from brush strokes to design

Only $40.99

Sale $26.88

A how to guide for motorcycle, bicycle and other parts

Only $26.99

Sale $24.79

Covers everything from getting started, to common problems and solutions, and advanced techniques

Only $19.99

Sale $11.79

Learn about letter styles, quills, paints, painting surfaces, lettering
Only $19.99
Learn to apply pinstriping to any vehicle using classic tools, techniques
Only $25.99
40 minutes of pinstriping instruction takes you from beginner to pro

Only $10.49

Sale $6.88

Everything (but the paint) to introduce you to Kafka's automotive pinstriping
Only $89.99
Design ideas, brushes, paints, vehicle prep, striping, glass etching...

Only $20.49

Sale $13.88

Eddie Paul Vinyl Graphics Application

Only $39.99

Sale $20.88

Body panel replacement is easier thanks to Kevin Tetz's

Only $39.99

Sale $37.99

90-minute intro into the basics of painting and body work, from Kevin Tetz

Only $39.99

Sale $37.99

Kevin Tetz demonstrates color sanding, buffing, and more; 60 minutes

Only $39.99

Sale $37.99

Kevin Tetz teaches how to paint your car in this 110-minute DVD

Only $39.99

Sale $37.99

55-minute DVD by Kevin Tetz teaches metal prep and rust repair

Only $39.99

Sale $37.99

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