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    ElastiWrap Accessories

    ElastiWrap is a new Eastwood exclusive, high build, removable rubberized coating. Not only do we sell it in spray cans, quarts and gallons, but we have everything you need to prep and apply it too. We have a prep spray specifically developed for use before applying ElastiWrap to promote adhesion, and also to make it easier to peel off when the time comes. We have HVLP guns as well as our all-in-one Turbine gun system that doesn't even need an air compressor. We even have a complete kit with 3 gallons of ElastiWrap, the Turbine gun, prep spray and more; everything you need to do 1 typically sized car.

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    ElastiWrap™ Surface Prep Aerosol
    Only $9.99
    Even sprays household paints and Plasti Dip products
    Only $69.99
    Spray-on a "show-car" finish; powered by your home compressor
    Only $159.99
    Lightweight, ergonomic, sprays beautifully...and saves you set-up time
    Only $99.99
    Eastwood's ElastiWrap™ Kit has everything you need to dip any size of recreational vehicle.
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