Hi Temp Engine Paint

Learn why Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint is the best!

Hi Temp Engine Paint

Your car engine generates significant heat when it's running, so the engine paint you use on it better be a high-temperature paint like those available on these pages. Our high-temp engine paints have been specially formulated with ceramic nano-technology to withstand up to 650 degreesF, for a long-lasting, factory-fresh finish.

Eastwood offers you dozens of engine paint colors to choose from, to match OEM colors both new and old. It's easy to apply these engine block paints — just brush or spray on (for best results, metallic high-temp paints should be sprayed on). Motorcycle engine? Paint it with this high-temp paint for the same protection and finish!

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Withstands up to 600 degreesF to protect exhaust components
Only $12.99
Provides a brilliant matte silver sheen that resists up to 1200°

Starting at: $16.99

Ceramic nano-technology engine enamel withstands 650°F
Only $34.99
Fortified with nano-ceramic particles to withstand up to 650 degreesF
2K ceramic engine paint, cups, lids, foam brushes, absorbent mats
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