Engine Paints

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Engine Paints

The paint on your engine lives in a harsh environment. It has to deal with high heats, while resisting the gas, oil and grease that is always present under the hood. On top of that, you want the brilliant colors that will wow them at the cruise night when you open the hood. Plus we've got special paints made to look good and last on the extreme heat, weather and road grime of a motorcycle motor.

Eastwood offers dozens of engine paints to choose from. We have colors that match OEM, but look even better. Motorcycle engine? We've got special high temp colors and textures for the perfect finish.

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Fortified with nano-ceramic particles to withstand up to 650 degreesF
2K ceramic engine paint, cups, lids, foam brushes, absorbent mats
Ceramic nano-technology engine enamel withstands 650 degrees F
Only $35.99
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