Exhaust Paints

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Exhaust Paints

Exhaust parts get hot. Really hot. So hot that most paints will burn right off. Eastwood however has a selection of paints available formulated to withstand up to 1200 and even 1300°F, while protecting your exhaust from rust, and looking great too. We even have a paint to protect the inside of headers & manifolds, up to 1800°F, that can decrease underhood temps, and may even increase scavenging, which all adds up to more power.

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Replicate the look of cast iron on manifolds, headers; protects to 1400°F

Starting at: $27.99

Provides a brilliant matte silver sheen that resists up to 1400°

Starting at: $14.99

Produces a custom look for manifolds, headers; resists up to 1400°

Starting at: $14.99

Withstands up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit to protect exhaust components
Only $10.99
Eastwood Silver Hi-Temp Paint Pint
Only $27.99
Reduces underhood temps; extends life of exhaust system components

Starting at: $7.49

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