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Powder Coating Booths

Powder Coating Booths

One of the reasons powder coating is so popular is because it is more environmentally friendly than paint, but that doesn't mean the powder doesn't get everywhere. On top of that, one of the things that makes powder coating so economically friendly is that you can reuse the over spray, but not if it's all over the floor.

For the best powder application, and the least mess you need a spray booth, and Eastwood has you covered. Whether you just want a small table top model, or you plan on installing a bay sized spray booth we can help.

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Exhaust filter inside the 364-cu.-ft. interior removes paint overspray
Only $4,399.99
Exhaust filter inside the 540-cu.-ft. interior removes paint overspray
Only $5,499.99
106-cu.-ft., 3-phase, Powder-Coat Booth/Oven for larger pieces
Only $15,999.99
105-cu.-ft., 1-phase, Powder-Coat Oven for larger pieces
Only $15,999.99
Keep the air clear as you work with our benchtop powder-coat booths
Only $3.99
Spacious 29-cu.-ft. interior keeps powder overspray inside
Only $2,199.99
36"-tall stand is a sturdy base for our small benchtop spray booth
Only $114.99
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