Powder Coating Guns

Learn how easy it is to powder coat

Powder Coating Guns

You know that powder coating is the way to go for the most economical, longest-lasting, and most color-durable finish. But which powder coating gun should you use? Eastwood offers you two different powder coating guns. Our inexpensive Original Powder Coat Gun generates 11,000 volts for a pro-quality powder coating job, while the Dual-Voltage Powder Coating Gun lets you choose from 2 voltage settings, so you can effectively coat the work-piece with complete coverage — everything from tight corners to large areas. Eastwood also offers a variety of DIY powder coating kits that include our guns, with our own HotCoat powders and accessories.

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Includes dual-voltage powder-coat gun and infrared curing lamp system
Only $529.99
Both of our HotCoat guns for every size of powder-coating project
Only $242.99
11,000-volt gun brings benefits of powder-coating to your home shop
Only $99.99
2 voltage settings allow complete coverage--tight spots to large areas
Only $169.99
Includes Original HotCoat gun, 4 std. colors plus black and more
"Deluxe" HotCoat Powder-Coating Kit includes our original HotCoat gun, making this the perfect starter kit!
Kit includes our Dual-Voltage Gun, gloss black powder and more!
Only $209.99
Dual-Voltage HotCoat gun, 4 standard colors plus black and more
Try powder-coating at home! Includes original gun, 4 colors and more
Only $149.99
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