Paint Gun Accessories

Popular HotRodding uses the Concours Paint Gun

Paint Gun Accessories

Eastwood doesn't just sell paints and guns, we have all the accessories you need to produce a great paint job, and do it over and over with the same great results. We've got rebuild kits and replacement parts for our own exclusive professional quality Concourse and Evolution guns, as well as DeVilbiss, Badger, Iwata, Binks and more. Plus extra paint cups, and even disposable paint cups and lids; that's one less thing to clean up!

We've also got gun cleaners, and cleaning kits, spray gun tips and needles in various sizes, and everything you need to prep for the job. Plus adapter to get whatever gun you have work with whatever cup you want, no matter who made them.

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Devilbiss Tekna Pro Lite Hvlp Air Cap & Ring Hv30 703540

Only $99.99

Sale $64.88

Devilbiss Tekna Pro Lite He Cap & Ring Te10 703538

Only $99.99

Sale $64.88

Devilbiss Tekna Pro Fluid Tip 1.2Mm 703521

Only $79.20

Sale $54.88

Devilbiss Tekna Copper He 1.5 Tip & Needle Set

Starting at: $85.88

Earlex Spray Station HV3500 Needle Nozzle

Starting at: $19.88

For Spray Stations 51390, 51391; and repl. guns 51390F, 51391B
Precision needle, nozzle and air cap for our Eastwood Concours HVLP Gun

Starting at: $49.99

The PCG10EM 1000ML Aluminum Cup perfectly feeds paint materials to compatible spray guns.

Only $73.99

Sale $57.88

This 1 Liter 1/4 Inch Aluminum Cup feeds coating materials directly to a Supernova model spray gun.

Only $77.99

Sale $60.88

Devilbiss HV40 Air Cap Test Kit 703625

Only $186.50

Sale $174.99

DeVilbiss StartingLine 250CC Push In Lids 2 Ct 803590
Only $9.99
DeVilbiss StartingLine 600CC Push In Lids 2 Ct 803591
Only $10.99
DeVilbiss StartingLine 250CC Cup & Lid 803609
Only $20.99
DeVilbiss StartingLine Cup Fitting Gasket 803615
Only $6.99
DeVilbiss Fluid Inlet Kit 703631

Only $56.25

Sale $38.88

DeVilbiss Replacement Brush Heads Qty 5 803656

Only $12.99

Sale $8.88

DeVilbiss FinishLine Filter & Gasket Kit 803641
Only $21.99
DeVilbiss Tekna HVLP Cap & Ring HV40 703621

Only $87.50

Sale $81.99

DeVilbiss Tekna HE Cap & Ring TE40 703626

Only $87.50

Sale $61.88

Tekna ProLite Pressure Feed Fluid Tip 1.0 703627

Only $76.50

Sale $52.88

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