Paint Gun Cleaning

    Popular HotRodding uses the Concours Paint Gun

    Paint Gun Cleaning

    If you are going to spray good, consistent, show quality paint it's important to have a gun that performs well every time. It doesn't take much to clog the tip or something else in the gun and mess up the spray pattern. That can really ruin your day, and the paint job.

    Eastwood offers everything you need to make sure your gun stays spotlessly clean inside. We carry the typical kit with brushes, needles and picks to clean your gun by hand the old school way. Plus we have the new style automatic cleaning machine that does it all in one minute with no input on your part at all; just hook it up and turn it on.

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    Pick up dust particles that could otherwise mar a beautiful finish
    Only $14.99
    Keep your Concours gun clean and it'll work at peak performance
    Only $25.99
    Directs a focused blast to penetrate deep into hard-to-reach places

    Starting at: $5.88

    Devilbiss Cotton Tack Wipe Box of 12 (TCK 101)

    Only $14.99

    Sale $12.99

    Devilbiss Polyester Tack Wipe Box of 12 (TCK 121)

    Only $14.99

    Sale $12.99

    Bulldog Adhesion Promoter Aerosol 15oz ETPO123B
    Only $24.99
    DeVilbiss Anti-Static Wiper 803553

    Only $3.99

    Sale $2.99

    DeVilbiss Replacement Brush Heads Qty 5 803656

    Only $12.99

    Sale $10.99

    DeVilbiss Paint Prep Wipes Box Of 300 803657

    Only $49.20

    Sale $44.99

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