Masking Supplies

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Masking Supplies

Masking a car for paint is one of the most tedious and time consuming parts of any paint job. If you are a backyard hobbyist trying to get your car prepped and painted in a weekend, any time you can save is a godsend. If you are a professional, then time is literally money.

Eastwood has the tapes and tools to speed up the masking process. We've got tapes made for conforming to curved automotive surfaces better than the blue or green stuff made for baseboards and windows. Plus rolls of masking paper and plastic, and holders for them to speed up covering large areas. And our dedicated canvas wheel and tire masks are so inexpensive and quick, they practically pay for themselves.

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4 heavy cloth wheel covers protect entire profile of tires
Only $25.99
Norton Self Adhesive Weather Barrier 36in x 100ft 63642505920

Only $89.99

Sale $53.88

Norton 12in x 400ft Overspray Sheeting 63642506727
Only $39.99
Norton Blue Masking Paper 18in x 750ft 2 Rolls 07660705480
Only $89.99
Norton Blue Masking Paper 12in x 750ft 3Roll 07660705479
Only $89.99
Hand-masking tape with tape dispenser
Only $10.99
No wrinkling or bleed-through; impenetrable to solvents
Only $70.99
Protect your project from the elements, dirt and dust
Only $32.99
Holds one 18"-wide roll of masking paper; also works as a step stool
Only $39.99
Paint Strainer Medium Blue - 149 Micron

Only $15.99

Sale $14.99

Eastwood Masking Machine Station Tree Type

Only $79.99

Sale $69.99

Plastic Razor Blades 100 pack AES 87606
Only $12.99
Devilbiss Shim Mask 3 pack 803654

Only $19.99

Sale $11.88

Makes masking before you paint easier and faster

Only $123.99

Sale $92.99

Delivers superior transfer and tear resistance, clean removal

Starting at: $3.99

Allows paint to transition gradually to avoid hard paint edges
Only $41.99
Holds 2 paper rolls, 4 tape rolls; with sandpaper tray, spray gun bar
Only $99.99
Flame legend Mickey Harris' masking paper makes customizing easier
Only $29.99
Norton vinyl tape: most flexible masking tape we've found
Only $9.99
Norton vinyl tape: most flexible masking tape we've found
Only $10.99
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