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Pinstriping Brushes & Tools

Learn how to pinstripe with Tramp Warner

Pinstriping Brushes & Tools

Pinstriping brushes are uniquely designed to allow you to pull a smooth, consistent line for a long duration, without having to stop for more paint. On top of that they use special bristles and ferrules to insure the bristles stay with the brush, not in your work. The handles are shaped for a better grip and to allow tighter curves and corners, too. So stop beating your head against the wall, trying to stripe with the wrong brush, and order the correct ones from Eastwood.

Besides pro quality brushes from Mack and Kafka, we also carry the Beugler Pinstriper tool. This is the same tool used in professional body shops and the OEM factories to lay down perfect parallel stripes the entire length of the car. Eastwood also carries complete kits with paints, brushes and how to DVD to get you started off right.

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Blue squirrel hair bristles; round handle to easily roll brush on corners
Only $10.49
Treated ferrules keep bristles from pulling out
Only $15.49
Great for flame outlines
Only $20.49
Used by all the top stripers
Only $15.49
Unlock the mysteries of Kafka's style
Only $14.49
A pinstriping brush designed by master pinstriping legend Steve Kafka
Only $14.49
Make tight radius curves without rotating brush, without flare-out
Only $14.49
Designed by master pinstriping legend Steve Kafka
Only $74.99
Everything (but the paint) to introduce you to Kafka's automotive pinstriping
Only $89.99
15"x20" surface for practicing your pinstriping technique
Only $41.99