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    Primer Paint

    Automotive primers are the foundation for your automotive paint job. Priming is actually one of the first and last steps in preparing your car body properly for the upcoming paint job.

    For a full line of automotive primers, you can’t beat the wide selection here at Eastwood. You’ll find the best paint primer for your specific need, everything from self-etching primers, epoxy primer paint, urethane auto primer, spray paint primer, high-build touch-up primer, flexible primer-surfacer, even weldable car primer paint. To prepare the chassis for painting, use our Chassis Black Primers.

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    The foundation to a great paint job
    Only $169.99
    2-component black surfacer designed for overall jobs
    Only $89.99
    2-component buff surfacer designed for overall jobs

    Starting at: $69.99

    Provides quick, easy sanding; exceptional holdout and fast film build
    Only $69.99
    Quick, easy sanding, exceptional holdout, fast film build; low-VOC
    Only $89.99
    Includes urethane primer, activator, mixing cups...even overalls
    Only $99.99
    2-component gray surfacer designed for overall jobs
    Only $89.99
    Hardens and cures Eastwood's Epoxy Primer 50244ZP
    Only $41.99
    1:1 mixing gets you an easy-to-apply, long-lasting show-car finish
    Only $94.99
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