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Rust Solutions

Before you do any restoration work on your vehicle, you usually have to deal with rust in a big way. That means a few things: stopping rust in its tracks, removing old rust, and preventing new rust from forming.

Lucky for you, Eastwood offers some of the best rust removal products around, as well as Rust Encapsulators that seal and stop rust, rust converters that transform surface rust into a paintable surface, anti-rust sprays that seal against future rust, and even rust remover gels that dissolve rust on vertical surfaces without drips and without a lot of effort. For dealing with rust in hidden areas, like inside a frame, Internal Frame Coat seals and stops rust from damaging your vehicle from the inside out.

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Reformulated with TWICE the corrosion resistance

Only $19.99

Sale $14.97

Leaves de-rusted metal ready to paint or powder-coat; liquid or gel

Starting at: $19.99

Formulated for easy clean-up and thinning of POR-15 paint
Only $13.99
Cleans and degreases in 1 application; no residue, fumes, solvents
Only $10.99
Provides the best adhesion for POR-15® on any metal surface
Only $16.99
Stop rust in its tracks! Superior UV Resistance and Convenient Spray Aerosol or Brushable Quarts & Gallons

Starting at: $14.97

Reformulated with TWICE the corrosion resistance!

Only $19.99

Sale $14.97

Reformulated with TWICE the corrosion resistance!

Only $17.99

Sale $14.97

Transforms surface rust into a paintable surface!

Starting at: $15.97

Stops rust, and protects the underside of your car!

Starting at: $18.97

Destroys rust hiding inside chassis, so it won't rust thru

Starting at: $17.97

Spray inside doors and rockers where painting won't be required.

Starting at: $15.99

Internal Frame Coating destroys rust hiding inside the chassis

Only $19.99

Sale $17.97

Dissolves rust, leaves a protective zinc-phosphate coating, all in 1 step

Starting at: $16.99

Works with your drill to scrape away rust, paint and other coatings

Only $15.99

Sale $12.97

Replacment Stripping Wheel with Hub for 30216
Only $18.99
Paint or rust removal applications
Only $19.99
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