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When doing a proper restoration sometimes you have to do it the way the factory did, even though technology has improved immensely. When it comes to muscle cars and pretty much everything made after WWII, that means rubberized undercoating. Eastwood offers undercoating that provides much better than OEM protection, but still has that all important factory look. Plus we've got our super tough rust encapsulator, by itself, or mixed into a rubberized undercoating. However you choose to apply it, the rust will be fully engulfed, and unable to spread.

Eastwood also has what you need to prep and apply undercoating. You can't spray thick gooey undercoat with a normal spray gun, so we offer guns specially made for it, plus wands to spray it into hard to reach places, like inside boxed frame rails. Eastwood also has a special stripper specifically formulated for getting the old undercoat off.

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Pro gun applies undercoating, anti-rust... includes 3 flexible wands

Only $199.99

Sale $189.99

An easy way to seal 1/2" access holes

Only $7.99

Sale $6.79

16" rigid wand works with our Undercoating Gun #20441
Only $24.99
Undercoating Gun bottle 625cc
Only $3.99
Eastwood's Economy Undercoating Gun will prevent your car from rusting over time

Only $19.99

Sale $10.99

Undercoating Gun with 2 hoses and bottle

Only $58.49

Sale $56.79

Neutralize corrosive film from salt or ice melters; won't harm paint

Only $29.99

Sale $21.79

Spray inside doors and rockers where painting won't be required.

Starting at: $11.79

Spray inside doors and rockers where painting won't be required.

Starting at: $11.79

Stops rust, and protects the underside of your car!

Starting at: $17.99

Protects your car's underside against rust; reduces road noise

Starting at: $8.99

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