When doing a proper restoration sometimes you have to do it the way the factory did, even though technology has improved immensely. When it comes to muscle cars and pretty much everything made after WWII, that means rubberized undercoating. Eastwood offers undercoating that provides much better than OEM protection, but still has that all important factory look. Plus we've got our super tough rust encapsulator, by itself, or mixed into a rubberized undercoating. However you choose to apply it, the rust will be fully engulfed, and unable to spread.

    Eastwood also has what you need to prep and apply undercoating. You can't spray thick gooey undercoat with a normal spray gun, so we offer guns specially made for it, plus wands to spray it into hard to reach places, like inside boxed frame rails. Eastwood also has a special stripper specifically formulated for getting the old undercoat off.

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    Protects wheel wells, gas tanks, frames, floor pans; reduces road noise
    Only $7.49
    An easy way to seal 1/2" access holes
    Only $7.99
    Unibit drill bit easily makes 1/2" holes for undercoating plugs
    Only $26.99
    1-qt. plastic bottle can be used with our undercoating system
    Only $9.99
    Pro gun applies undercoating, anti-rust... includes 2 flexible wands
    Only $199.99
    Stop rust in its tracks, then seal cracks, crevices and body seams

    Only $54.99

    Sale $49.99

    Encapsulates rust and prevents spreading; leave as is, or top-coat
    Only $54.99
    Spray undercoating and soundproofing in hard-to-reach places
    Only $59.99
    Easy removal of undercoating and tar -- just spray and scrape!

    Starting at: $12.99

    Seal the bottom of your vehicle and cut down on road noise!
    Only $49.99
    Spray-on undercoating 2 ways: use the gun, or the aerosol for touch-ups
    Only $99.99
    Seal the bottom of your vehicle and make it look new again!
    Only $79.99
    Seal the bottom of your vehicle and make it look new again!
    Only $49.99
    The right tools and enough material to thoroughly rustproof your car
    Only $119.99
    Convert rust to a primer, then protect with a tough rubberized undercoat
    Only $57.99
    Rustoleum Professional Under Coating Quart 254864
    Only $12.99
    Economy Undercoating Gun
    Only $19.99
    Convert rust to a primer, encapsulate it, topcoat with Original Chassis Black
    Only $129.99
    16" rigid wand works with our Undercoating Gun #20441
    Only $24.99
    Includes rubberized undercoating, anti-rust, even the gun and wands
    Only $119.99
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