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Matches original equipment with the look of freshly cast iron

Only $12.99

Sale $10.97

Restore the original color of metal parts, and protect against rust
Only $12.99
Precision of a 2-component coating without the paint gun
Only $22.99
Replicate the look of cast iron on manifolds, headers; protects to 1400°F

Starting at: $12.97

Rub-in an instant, long-lasting, cast-iron luster
Only $19.99
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Learn why you need Underhood Black

Underhood Paints

On your daily driver, no one really cares what the engine compartment looks's all dirty shades of black and gray anyway. But if it's your show car, you want to use high-quality, high-temperature paints because your fellow resto hobbyists will take their good old time gazing at that rugged power under the hood. So make every underhood inch look as new as the day the car came off the assembly line!

Eastwood has all the underhood paints you'll need for every component, hi-temp paints in black, gray, red and more for engine blocks, carburetors, headers, manifolds, radiators, heater boxes, ignition wire holders and beyond.


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