Water Based Paints

    Water-based paints represent the future of automotive coatings, and they're here for you in dozens of eye-catching colors! Water-based automotive paints don't use solvents as carrying agents, so they don't release noxious fumes into the air. You'll find that water-based car paint are highly compatible with urethane primers, paints and clears. For instance, our Auto-Air Colors depend on a urethane primer and clear to produce a complete, durable finish. Though water-based paints have been around for a while, they're becoming more popular as people seek to comply with increasingly demanding environmental standards. Fortunately, water-based car paints work well with urethane primers and modern lacquers with lower VOC content.

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    Create a brilliant, powerful, glitter-like effect that truly shimmers

    Starting at: $263.99

    Brilliant candied effect comes alive after applying gloss clear topcoat
    Only $224.99
    Available only at Eastwood
    Only $259.99
    Base coat can be used alone and cleared, or under Auto Air colors
    Only $244.99
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