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Paintucation 5-DVD Set

Item #12114 Brand: Paintucation

465+ minutes of hands-on instruction in body repair, restoration


Get an education in automotive restoration with this 5-DVD "Paint-U-Cation" Set by Kevin Tetz.

This 5-DVD set from Paintucation and hosted by Kevin Tetz, of the popular TV show TRUCKS!, takes you through every step to repair and restore you car's body. Kevin speaks in easy-to-understand language and shows you the tricks the pros know. Learn the basics of a body shop, painting a car, how to repair rust, replace body panels, paint prep and perform a show-winning resto job. Contains 5 DVDs with more than 465 minutes of hands-on instruction.

  • Body Shop Basics (90 minutes)
  • Metal Prep and Rust Repair (55 minutes)
  • How to Paint Your Car (110 minutes)
  • Color Sanding and Buffing (60 minutes)
  • Body Panel Replacement (152 minutes)

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About Paintucation 5-DVD Set

"Paint-U-Cation" DVDs present tips and techniques that prevent costly mistakes. See "Contents" tab for specifics.


DVD #1 — "Body Shop Basics" (90 min.). Detailed step-by-step dent repair. Discusses equipment and safety requirements too.

DVD #2 — "Metal Prep and Rust Repair" (55 min.) presents time- and money-saving tips to prep panels down to bare metal, and how to properly finish them. Shows proper pick and file techniques and how to make durable patches.

DVD #3 — "Paint Your Own Car" (110 min.) demonstrates the steps to paint a car, surface prep and paint application, and discusses how to avoid buffing defects.

DVD #4 — "Color Sanding and Buffing" (60 min.). You'll learn how to avoid buffing through edges and how to remove drips, runs and dirt.

DVD #5 — "Body Panel Replacement" (152 min.). Guides you through replacing the sheet metal on your vintage or late-model vehicle. Demonstrates welding, adhesives, full and partial panels, rust removal, re-leading original joints, metal finishing, and planning your panel replacement project.


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always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when painting always paint in a well ventilated area consult MSDS sheets for specific safety warnings and instructions