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    Paintucation DVD Fiberglass Repair

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    Paintucation DVD Fiberglass Repair


    Secrets of fiberglass repair demonstrated by Kevin Tetz, a must for Corvette restorers

    Pantucation and Kevin Tetz tackle fiberglass repairs for vintage Corvettes, kit cars, dune buggies, fiberglass hot rod bodies and more. Learn how to strip old finish without damaging the gel coat or underlying fiberglass. Discover the secrets to replacing complete panels, demonstrated on an actual ‘70s Vette front end step by step. Learn proper prep and repair of kit car panels so repairs and mold seams don’t show through the paint. Plus learn important safety precautions, as well as how to work in fiberglass and minimize itchy irritated skin. It will even cover how to repair modern composites as used in Corvettes and lots of other cars today.

    • A must have for Corvette restorers
    • Repair dune buggies, kit cars, Corvettes, and more
    • Techniques all explained and demonstrated by Kevin Tetz
    • Learn panel replacement, crack repair and paint prep
    • Total Run Time: 120 Minutes

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    About Paintucation DVD Fiberglass Repair

    In this DVD we cover the simplest repairs to the most advanced projects including full panel replacement on a vintage Corvette. Simple two sided repairs are explained and demonstrated as well as methods of preventing further growth in fractured panels. Gel coat is explained and demonstrated. You will also see how to solve problems by properly sealing in a fiberglass repair with gel coat. Modern SMC (composites) are explained and repaired, and the kit car issues are dealt with, demonstrating how to eliminate mold seam mapping through the paint. 120 Minutes DVD


    120 minutes DVD


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    made in USA

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