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Learn proper gun movement and technique with Kevin Tetz and the Spray Coach

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Designed by television personality, custom car builder & painter Kevin Tetz, the Paintucation Spray Coach helps the user develop proper paint gun handling techniques to avoid wasting paint or making mistakes. Quickly attaches to the nozzle of your favorite paint gun to establish proper distance and positioning…learn proper spray painting habits before bad ones begin. Includes detailed DVD that takes you through the process of developing proper techniques.

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About Paintucation Spray Coach

Designed and developed by the former TV host of Trucks Kevin Tetz the spray coach training aid will teach you the correct gun movement and procedure to achieve the perfect paint job. The training aid installs on almost every paint gun on the in minutes and the included DVD will teach you the correct gun distance movement and technique for a quality paint job. A must have the beginner and seasoned pro alike.

Duplicates a 6 Inch spray pattern and weighs just a few ounces


1 Spray Coach and instructional DVD


made in china. 365 day warranty


Used to develop muscle memory in the hand forearm shoulder and upper body during the spraying process. The included DVD will teach you how to hold movement and paint a vehicle. Assuring the paint gun and air cap are positioned correctly during the application of paint

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