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Plasti Dip Smoke Aerosol 11220-6

Item #14856Z Brand: Performix

Color darkens gradually as coats are added


"Smoke"-Color Plasti Dip® Rubber Coating protects tool handles and more against moisture, abrasion and slipping...color darkens gradually as coats are added

Spray tool handles and other household items with Plasti Dip Rubber Coating to produce cushioned, color-coded grips. Or use Plasti Dip® indoors or out to protect coated items against moisture, acids, abrasion, corrosion and skidding/slipping; also helps insulate against electrical shock. Won't become brittle in extreme weather. No priming necessary.

  • Tested in –30 to +200°F environments
  • Stays flexible and stretchy; won't crack
  • 11-oz. can
  • Add coats to go from a light, smoky gray to charcoal to black

About Plasti Dip Smoke Aerosol 11220-6

11-oz. can will cover approximately 6 square feet at a 5-mil. thickness. Plasti Dip® protective coating air-dries to a satin finish in about 24 hours, with excellent resistance to acids, alkaline and most common household chemicals.

Due to regulations pertaining to recycling, we are unable to ship this product to Alberta, Canada.


11-oz. can Plasti-Dip, in smoke


10041Z PRE Painting Prep
14393Z Plasti Dip Black Aerosol
14531ZP Plasti Dip Black Gallon
12776 Evolution Paint Gun


Plastic Dip is an acid- and salt-resistant flexible coating usually used on tool handles. Simply dip the handle repeatedly to build the coating to the desired thickness. Note: Maximum temperature 200°F. Flexible from –30 to +200°F. Can be thinned with Xylene, Toluene, or high-grade lacquer thinner for spraying or clean-up.


Always wear proper eye, skin and respiratory protection when using this product. Using Plasti Dip Spray in cooler temperatures may affect drying times, finish quality, and spray performance. If you plan on spraying your project in cooler conditions, we recommend pre-warming the aerosol can by placing it in a warm room and allowing the contents to reach room temperature. Under no circumstances should users subject the aerosol can to temperatures above 120°F or use heat from an open flame or other sources of ignition to pre-warm the spray can.


Made in USA

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