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Eastwood 6-Piece Pliers Kit 70457

Item #70457 Brand: Eastwood

A great American-made Pliers Set...compare it to national brands!


You work hard to do the job right and you should have tools that work hard for you.

This set of high quality Eastwood Pliers are forged from high carbon C1080 steel for ultimate durability and electronically coated to resist corrosion. These pliers were constructed right here in the USA with a specially designed fastener to eliminates nut and bolt failure, helping you do the job faster and easier. Our ergonomic grips allow you to work longer, and more comfortably.

  • 9.5 Inch Tongue & Groove Pliers
  • 12 Inch Tongue & Groove Pliers
  • 8 Inch Long Nose Pliers
  • 9 Inch Crimping Pliers
  • 8 Inch Diagonal Pliers Lap Joint,
  • 6 inch Slip Joint Pliers

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About Eastwood 6-Piece Pliers Kit 70457

The Eastwood plier set is perfect for any tool box. Made from electronically coated, laser heat-treated, high-carbon C1080 steel so these tools last longer and ergonomic, high leverage grips so you can comfortably work longer.


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