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Item #11610 Eastwood Gravity-Feed Airbrush Kit
Item #11611 Eastwood Suction-Feed Airbrush Kit
Item #11612 Eastwood Gravity-Feed Trigger-Style Airbrush Kit
Item #12795 Eastwood Professional Graphics Airbrush
Item #12795 Eastwood Professional Graphics Airbrush - Close up of gun only.
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Eastwood Airbrushes - High Performance at an Economy Price

POTTSTOWN, PA - Mach 23, 2007-- If you have ever tried to create graphics, or even repair automotive paint chips, using a touch-up gun, you know how difficult it can be. An airbrush offers much more control, so it's the best way to create custom graphics, repair chips, paint small parts and much more. Now that Eastwood has introduced their new line of high value, full-featured airbrushes, it's even easier to start airbrushing today! You can create fine lines on up to 2" wide patterns with our (11611) Suction Feed Airbrush Kit or (11610) Gravity-Feed Airbrush Kit, for less than $50.00. Our (11612) Gravity-Feed Trigger-Style Airbrush Kit features a double action trigger that is perfect for creating flame designs, murals, or custom graphics. Then, for the most demanding work there's the (12795) Professional Graphics Airbrush, for less than $100.00. This airbrush features dual action control and gravity feed design, with the performance of airbrushes costing much more! Visit for our full range of custom graphic accessories.

  • High performance at an economical price
  • Create graphics, custom effects, shading and more
  • Greater control and easier to use than a touch-up gun for automotive finish repairs
  • Required for greatest application accuracy and precision
  • Eastwood offers a full range of Air Compressors and accessories for custom graphics
  • Instructional DVDs and Stencils make it easy to learn basics and many of today's hot techniques

#11610 Eastwood Gravity-Feed Airbrush Kit

#11611 Eastwood Suction-Feed Airbrush Kit

#11612 Eastwood Gravity-Feed Airbrush Kit

#12795 Eastwood Gravity-Feed Airbrush Kit
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