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How to Use Hand Fender Finisher Tool -

Eastwood Fender Finisher* allows the hobbyist or professional to alter the factory wheel-openings and prevent the edge of the fender lip from cutting into oversized tires without removing the wheels. Here are five easy steps to roll fenders in less than 30 minutes.

  • Step One: Mark out the area of interference on the fender
  • Step Two: Using a heat gun, heat the surface to about 120 to 140 degrees to soften the paint
  • Step Three: Start squeezing the fender lip and rolling upward a little at a time, keeping heat in the area and softness in the paint
  • Step Four: Squeeze and roll the fender lip upward, gradually removing the flange from 90 degrees up to 180 degrees
  • Step Five: Repeat this process five or six times, until the fender lip is flush with the outer fender
*The Fender Finisher, the only hand-held pro-grade fender forming tool is approximately 12”L, and is constructed from a stamped steel frame with molded handgrips and a durable powder coated finish.

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Eastwood is proud to offer a wide range of specialized finishes for hobby and professional applications. For more information on The Eastwood Company, their products, or to request a free copy of their full-color catalog: go to; call Toll-Free: 1-800-345-1178; or write: The Eastwood Company, 263 Shoemaker Rd. Pottstown, PA 19464.