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Pro Upholstery Kit with 300 Hog Rings

Item #50394 Brand: Eastwood

Bent-nose, straight-nose hog ring pliers; stretch pliers; hog rings


Install upholstery like an expert with our Professional Upholstery Kit Half the battle is using the right tools and supplies, and this Eastwood kit has the specific pliers and hog rings you'll need to upholster your ride's seats easily and with professional results.
  • Bent-Nose Hog Ring Pliers
  • Straight-Nose Hog Ring Pliers
  • Stretching Pliers
  • 300 Hog Rings

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About Pro Upholstery Kit with 300 Hog Rings

The Eastwood Professional Upholstery Kit includes our Bent-Nose and Straight-Nose Hog Ring Pliers designed just for hog ring installation. Solid, forged steel, grooved jaws on both pliers hold the ring securely. Our Stretching Pliers also included has 3-1/2"-wide jaws to provide a uniform pull on cloth, canvas or leather seat covers for perfect fits. Includes pack of 300 Hog Rings. Imported.


52031 Stretching Pliers
52032 Straight Hog Ring Pliers
52019 Bent Hog Ring Pliers
21569 Hog Rings (300)