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MIG Welder 250 Amps
Item #20279 Brand: Eastwood

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Powerful, lightweight 250 amp MIG welder at a DIY friendly price

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"In my career as a professional welding inspector and instructor, I have the privilege of using some of the best equipment in the world. After spending a few hours with Eastwood’s MIG250 – this is the unit I want for my home shop!"

Brian K., Professional Welder,
AWS Certified Inspector and Instructor


Powerful, lightweight 250 amp MIG welder at a DIY friendly price

Eastwood designed this 250 amp MIG welder from the ground up to be powerful, easy to use, and inexpensive. With its state of the art inverter technology, it weighs half as much as similar welders and costs half as much too. But it still delivers all the power you will ever need to weld steel up to 1/2” thick steel and stainless and aluminum up to 1/4" thick, with a 60% duty cycle at its full 250 amp setting. Plus, with the efficiency of the inverter and the ability to run on 120VAC or 240VAC, you can easily take it to the race track or job site and run it off a generator. It also has infinite adjustability of both its voltage and wire feed speed settings, can take both 4” and 8” diameter spools, and feed steel, stainless or flux core wire from .023” to .045”. Add the optional spool gun allows you to weld aluminum like a pro.


• 120VAC or 240VAC @ 20amp and 40amp respectively and 50-60Hz
• Infinitely adjustable 30-250 amp welding range
• Weighs just 66 lbs
• Torch cable length 10 feet
• Ground cable length 10 feet
• State of the art inverter technology
• Optional spool gun for aluminum wire
• Uses commonly available consumables
• 3 year warranty


Input voltage: 120VAC OR 240VAC
Input amperage: 20 amps @ 120VAC OR 40 amps @ 240VAC
Input frequency: 50 or 60 HZ both 120VAC and 240VAC
Output welding amperage: 30-250 amps
Output duty cycle: 6o% @250 amps
MIG, Flux core and spool gun capable: Yes
Wire speed control: Yes
Voltage control: Yes
Torch Type:
Binzel, Tweco style Torch Length: 10 foot
Ground cable length/gauge: 10 foot, 6 gauge
Material capacity: 18 gauge to ½” plate. Steel, stainless and Alum up to ¼”
Wire capacity: 0.023” to 0.045”
Dimensions: X” x XX”x XX”
Weight: 66 lbs



Lincoln Power MIG® 216

Millermatic® 252

Eastwood MIG 250

120 and 240 volt power




Steel, Stainless, Aluminum




Welding Range




Duty cycle




Spool gun capabler




Ships FedEx





206 lbs

  207 lbs

66 lbs


3 year

 3 year

3 year





Are you currently working with steel over ¼” thick or even up to ½”?

One unit that can handle every job. Mig, Flux Core and spool gun compatible. As your welding skills and needs increase the MIG 250 can handle them. Designed for the professional but easy to use even for the beginner.. Infinitely adjustable voltage and wire speed adjustments allows precise set up for sheet metal work or heavy plate fabrication. Weld from 18 gauge to ½” plate with One unit!

Do you wish you could weld aluminum without TIG experience?

Spool gun compatible means easy aluminum welding up to ¼” plate

Do you want complete portability, lightweight, and the option to weld on a standard 120VAC circuit or generator?

120 or 240VAC and a max weight of only 66 lbs assure portability - take the unit to the job!

Than this is the unit you need!

Industrial grade drive motor assembly with cast aluminum and steel construction assure top of the line wire feed and smooth, consistent fed rates at any speed. Assuring accurate puddle control and amperage stability. Industry standard torch and consumables mean you will never be without your unit. Ergonomic torch gives excellent wrist flexibility and large trigger assures accurate starts and stop even when uphill, overhead or fixing your buddies exhaust on jack stands!

One unit that has the capability of multiple machines but costs just a fraction.

60 day money back guarantee - try if for free!

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