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Fairmount 3 Piece Metal Shrinking Kit
Only $50.99
Stop rust in its tracks! Superior UV Resistance and Convenient Spray Aerosol or Brushable Quarts & Gallons

Starting at: $14.97

4,500 bpm to aggressively cut into sheet metal, separate seams, and more
Only $24.99
Clean, fast cuts thru steel and aluminum up to 3/8"; 110v or 220v
Only $549.99
Rotating jaws slices easily thru steel up to 18-gauge thick

Only $49.99

Sale $46.97

Precise metal removal when shaping, leveling, or porting ferrous metals
Only $49.99
Stronger-than-it-looks portable stand holds up to 750 lbs.!
Only $24.99
Copper "spoon" helps repair small holes, rips or voids between panels
Only $34.01
Removes silicone, wax, polish, grease; promotes paint/powder adhesion

Starting at: $6.97

Repair dents and other imperfections with this comprehensive hammer & dolly set.

Only $99.99

Sale $89.97

Heavy-duty pneumatic shears make clean cuts in metal up to 18-gauge

Only $39.99

Sale $34.97

Reinforced with aluminum for a stronger, corrosion-resistant repair
Only $27.99
Sprayable high-build filler is an excellent base for any paint system

Starting at: $8.99

Make strong repairs of damaged plastic parts

Starting at: $24.99

Repair rusted-out spots, holes, tears and cracks
Only $49.99
Fill pinholes, sand scratches, polyester putty...even on large areas

Starting at: $13.29

Use with your pneumatic hammer to skin doors quickly and easily
Only $32.39
Complete contact even on high- crowned fenders; prevents flat spots
Only $46.79
Contains rust inhibitors to prevent corrosion
Only $24.99
Easily align and grip panels for precise butt welds

Only $19.99

Sale $5.97

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