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25-135 Amp infinite control allows you to weld up to 1/4 in. steel with 120v input.

Only $349.99

Sale $279.99

Also includes Mag Spring Clamp: the ideal 3rd hand!

Only $149.99

Sale $139.99

As low as: $127.49
Powerhouse slices thru 7/8" steel and aluminum. 220v only.

Only $749.99

Sale $699.99

As low as: $637.49
MIG, Stick or TIG welding all from a single compact, space-saving, “one machine does it all” unit.
Save when you buy them as a set for all your welding and cutting jobs

Starting at: $279.99

Stops most hot spatter from burning nearby materials during welding
Only $48.76
Clean, fast cuts thru steel and aluminum up to 3/8"; 110v or 220v
Protect your eyes from the plasma cutter's harmful arc rays; shade #5
Tackle precision fabrication tasks in your garage.

Only $499.99

Sale $459.99

As low as: $424.99
6pc clamp kit for #14106 welding table
Only $70.96
Extra large view welding helmet

Only $119.99

Sale $99.99

Holds 2 welders and gas bottles, plus consumables for easy movement around the shop

Only $149.99

Sale $137.99

As low as: $127.49
Super strong magnets hold patch panels in place, perfect for blind repairs
Cut Quickly, Cleanly with Precision Designed especially for cutting automotive sheet metal.
Eastwood Professional Tubing Notcher
Eastwood Welding Flow Meter
ARC 80 with Tig Torch
Cobra Lower Pressure Regulators with Hose
Only $299.99
The Eastwood MIG Stud Welding Kit transforms your MIG welder into a Stud Welder
The Eastwood Weld Prep Tool™ is an exclusive design that provides a perfectly beveled 45° weld-prepped edge in 20 or 18 Gauge sheet metal to achieve solid, full-penetration MIG or TIG butt welds.
Only $29.99
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