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    After thousands of entries the top 5 most popular names are....
    Name Submitted
    James King
    Master Blaster
    Chris Burch
    Eastwood's Double Barrell
    Terry Madden
    Double D Blaster
    Julio Cruz
    Dynamic Duo Media Blaster
    Frank Mata
    The Eastwood Twins
    These lucky customer will each receive a $150 Eastwood Gift Certificate

    We had so many great responses, we decided to
    give the following customers an honorable mention.
    Most Original Idea
    Winner of a $10 Eastwood Gift Certificate
    Jeremy Nutt

    Jeremy gave four very specific and original reasons why he thought it should be named the Blue Deuce. Thank you Jeremy for being original!

    Most Submitted Entries
    Winner of a $10 Eastwood Gift Certificate
    Marty Csercsevits

    Marty had so many great ideas for the blaster name, he submitted 22 seperate times! Thank you Marty for coming up with such a range of great ideas!

    Other Eastwood Favorites
    Abrasive Bad Boys
    Big Blue Blaster
    Blast master
    The Blu Brothers Blaster
    Eastwood Blue Bombers
    Blue Deuce
    De.ja Blue
    Sir Mix A Lot Media Machine
    Blast To The Future

    How were the winners selected?
    We took the top 5 most commonly submitted names and randomly selected a winner from each group. Thank you to everyone that participated and be sure to watch for our next contest.