PRO-TEX Truckbed Liner System - Black

    Item #10359ZP Brand: SEM


    Pro-Tex™ Urethane Truck Bed Liner System puts down a tough, durable finish with the superior protection professionals expect SEM® Pro-Tex™ Truck Bed Liner System is tough yet flexible, with superior adhesion and chemical resistance.
    • Non-corrosive coating
    • Air- and water-tight
    • Sound-dampening
    • Maintenance-free
    • Black

    About PRO-TEX Truckbed Liner System - Black

    SEM PRO-TEX Truckbed Liner System - Tougher, more durable with superior adhesion and chemical resistance. Includes 1 gallon of liner, 2 quarts of catalyst and two mixing containers. Enough materials to coat most 8 foot truck beds.

    MSDS Sheet

    Click Here for Material Safety Data Sheet


    1 gallon of Pro-Tex™ Urethane Liner
    2 quarts of Pro-Tex™ Catalyst
    2 plastic Schutz Bottles
    2 Paint Pals


    Pressure-wash the surface. Next, clean with our 10041Z PRE Painting Prep (not included). Then, sand the surface with 180-220-grit paper. If rust is present, grind or sandblast until all rust is removed. Apply a 2K epoxy primer or a urethane primer over any bare metal, following the mfr's. instructions. Sand the primer with 180-220-grit paper. Blow-off dust and tack-clean.

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